Forte Appliance - F24DWS450PROB
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24" Panel Ready Built-In Dishwasher


This F24DWS450PR 24" Fully Integrated, Panel Ready Built-In Dishwasher by Forte comes with 10 Place Settings and features 6 Wash Programs, Stainless Steel Tub, Heated Dry, Hi Temp, Metal Touch Control Panel with LED Display, Delay Wash and is both ADA Compliant and Energy Star Certified. (Open Box Unit)



Quick Specs


Smart Wash System

Automatically detects soil levels and performs the most appropriate wash cycle for maximum efficiency.

Full Load

When a full load of heavily soiled dishes is placed in the unit, a heavy wash cycle will automatically be performed.

ECO Wash

Use when you want to save water and energy. For normally soiled load, such as plates, serving dishes, cups, glasses and so on.

Heavy Wash

Great for heavily soiled dishes and cookware .

Delay Start

Set your machine to run on your schedule.

Stainless Steel Tub

A Stainless Steel Tub is more durable, quieter and cleaner than plastic. It makes less noise and can wash more hygienically at higher temperatures. Its also resistant to staining and dirt, which prevents bad odors.

Sanitize Option

Eliminates bacteria and enhances drying results using extremely high water temperatures.

LED Display

See things more clearly with a the LED display. It is clearly visible for a greater convenience to see any settings or estimated time remaining.

Touch on Metal

Metal Touch control panel provides information about the selected program and its current status. Important program parameters can be easily changed with the convenient Touch on Metal controls.

ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act establishes accessibility guidelines for many products. This product meets the requirements for ADA-compliance based on Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.

UL Certification

Backed by more than a century of a proven safety science expertise, businesses, consumers and regulatory authorities around the world recognize the trusted rigor and technical excellence of UL certifications.

Energy Star

Saves Energy. Saves You a Few Bucks. And Saves the Environment. Making it a shoe-in for the Energy Star Qualified badge.